Vein Treatments

New leg vein patients will have a consultation with Dr. OByrne. An initial consult for a new leg vein patient is $125. This initial consult includes a duplex-ultrasound scan of both legs, which will help us to see any underlying veins that may be problematic. During the consultation, you will be provided with a quote for treatment and, in some cases, treatment can be done during the same visit. If treatment can be done during your initial consult then the $125 fee will be waived and you will only need to pay for the cost of treatment.


Immediately following treatment, you will need to wear medical grade thigh-high compression hose. We sell these hose at our office for $95 a pair. You will also need to walk for 30-60 minutes directly after treatment, so bring comfortable shoes. Read more about the benefits of compression hose here


Depending on vein severity and treatment, compression hose are typically worn for the first 24 hours non-stop, and then during the day for 10-14 days after treatment.


Following vein treatments, for two weeks, you will need to refrain from taking car rides or plane trips that are longer than three hours. You will also need to avoid hot tubs and saunas. We also ask that you keep up daily exercising, at least 30 minute walks daily, for the six weeks following your vein treatment.


Follow-up treatments are typically less expensive than your initial treatment, and are done four-six weeks after your initial treatment, as needed.


Dr. Obyrne also treats chest, facial, and hand veins and there is no charge for the initial consult for these veins.


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