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Next to our faces, our hands convey much about our life, loves, and lifestyle. No other area on our body gets more exposure to the elements day in and day out. Our hands serve us well everyday and they will show their toll by the time we get into our fourties and sometimes even younger. We can do many things to age as well as possible for our face, neck, and chest - but left neglected, often our hands will give us away!


There are three main components to hand aging:


      1. Loss of fatty and elastic tissue just below the skin of our hand.

Radiesse filler is used to plump up the space under the skin of the hands. This gives a fuller, less bony impression and conveys a youthful look to the hands instantly. Again, this treatment is virtually painless. Radiesse is FDA approved for facial injection- but is used ‘off label’ for the hands.


What to Expect with Radiesse Hand Treatment

-Minimal to moderate swelling of the hands as water is attracted into the area. The swelling will decrease over 1-3 days.

-Rarely, bruising, which will disappear in 3-10 days.

-No limitations of hand activity after treatment

-This treatment is not permanent. More filler will be required in 1-3 years to maintain the youthful appearance.



      2. Solar damage to the surface of the skin producing darker spots and freckles.


Lumecca IPL is a nearly painless, but is a powerful solution for sun damage (unwanted browns and reds) that occur in skin with chronic sun exposure. This damage is caused by UV-A rays as they do not get blocked well with 90% of commonly used suncreens. IPL typically requires  2-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart and will help your skin clear the signs of solar aging, promote collagen growth and improve skin texture. Some notes on IPL, you cannot have IPL on freshly tanned skin or if you are taking medications that increase sun sensitivity.


What to Expect After Lumecca IPL Treatment

-Possible, minimal redness for 24 hours.

-You will be required to use UVA blocking sunscreen on your hands for 6 weeks.



      3.  The prominent appearance of our hand veins due to loss of fatty and elastic tissue.


Our program uses sclerotherapy or vein injection treatment to shrink the veins over time (4-16 weeks). The procedure is virtually painless and usually requires two (2) treatments spaced about six (6) weeks apart. We use Asclera  (polidocanol) which is FDA approved for leg vein treatments. Treating hand veins is purely cosmetic and considered an ‘off label’ use of Asclera. Hand vein treatment is very safe, although the hand veins will not be usable for any medical procedures in the future after treatment. Unlike the leg veins, once the hand veins are thoroughly treated, they often never require additional treatment.


What to Expect After Hand Vein Treatment

-Minimal soreness and swelling of the hand.

-No limitations of using your hands.

-To wear a hand wrap or hand sleeve for three (3) days.

-No improvement of the appearance for 2-4 weeks- then slow improvement over 2-4 months.

-Rarely a portion of the veins seems to swell during resolution and is drained to speed shrinkage.

-Even after dramatic shrinkage of the veins- they are still minimally visible under the skin long term.

-No long term pigmentation.



Addressing these three main components to hand aging can dramatically improve the appearance of the hands!



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