Compression Hose

 What are the benefits of wearing compression hose?


Compression hose....

       ...decrease the risk of blood clots.

       ...lessen leg swelling.

       ...lessen symptoms of varicose veins, such as fatigue.

       ...improve circulation.

       ...prevent pooling of blood in your legs.




Compression hose promote venous blood flow from the feet back to the heart. We recommend good quality, medical grade graduated compression hose, which are designed to be stronger at your feet and decrease in pressure as they go up to your calf or thigh. Compression hose are available in different colors, sizes, lengths, open toe, closed toe, and thigh-high or knee-high options. The Vein Clinic also carries knee-high sport and trouser socks. When properly fitted, compression hose can decrease leg/vein discomfort, leg swelling, and improves circulation which leads to better feeling legs!


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